Department of the Space Force

The Department of the Space Force is to contain the United States Space Force among other things.
  1. Establish a Space Development Agency – This is an agency tasked with developing and testing new and improved national-security capabilities and technology in space.
  2. Establish a Space Operations Force – This force will be a collection of space experts from throughout the military who will provide needed expertise to combat commanders and anyone else throughout the Space Force.
  3. Create a United States Space Command – Led by a four-star general or flag officer, the new space command would direct and improve operations for space war fighting.
These three components would later be united to become the final Space Force.

We also need to build the Space Force Academy.  Currently there are 5 US Service Academies:
  1. US Military Academy at West Point, NY (1802).
  2. US Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD (1845).
  3. US Coast Guard Academy at New London, CT (1876).
  4. US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY (1943).
  5. US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO (1954).
  6. (Proposed) US Space Force Academy at ??, ?? (??).  Proposed
Recommended Space Force website:

The Marine Corps could also have their own academy.  The US Marine Corps Academy, at

The Department of Offense could also begin.
There can be the Department of Armed Services to include all police and fire departments.

There are currently 5 branches of the US Military:
  1. Army (Department of Defense)
  2. Navy (Department of Defense)
  3. Air Force (Department of Defense)
  4. Marines (Department of Defense)
  5. Coast Guard (Department of Homeland Security)
  6. (Proposed) Space Force
There are 2 additional uniformed services:
  1. Public Health (Department of Health and Human Services)
  2. NOAA (Department of Commerce)
The current military space programs are: